Everything You Need to Know About Season 5 of Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association

Everything You Need to Know About Season 5 of Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association
November 13, 2019 Susan Tucker

Season 5 of the UNAA is underway, and we’ve got everything you need to know about competing this season! So, if you’re looking for information about ninja sport qualifiers, regionals and finals, step inside.

Season 5 Brings New Rules

The UNAA has a NEW point system for scoring. They are as follows:

  • There will be a maximum of 3 Fails per course.
  • After 3 Fails, the athletes run is over.
  • They many finish the course but will not receive a score for the remaining obstacles.
  • Their time will end with last Obstacle Completed.
  • Each Obstacle will be worth 1 point for full completion.
  • For more difficult obstacles, each obstacle can be worth 2 points and have a halfway point, which must be clearly marked with a tape mark or other. Completion of halfway is worth 1 point.

Score is then determined by points gained, and time of full run. Points are the highest priority when determining final score with time being second priority. Most points, with fastest time wins. We no longer will offer a RETRY. Finish or fail an obstacle and move on to the next.

Get the full set of rules HERE >>

UNAA Season 5 Qualifiers

Area qualifiers have begun, with more dates being added. Gyms around the country (and world!) have scheduled their events, currently through early June. Be sure to check our upcoming schedule to find and plan for an event near you. Keep in mind that the top 50% advance to regionals, so if you miss the cutoff, you can plan to qualify at another time or gym. There is no limitation for how many events you compete in in order to move to the next round.

UNAA Season 5 Regionals

Regional competitions are currently being added, with many already scheduled. Our first regional on the books is at The Fit Expo in Los Angeles on January 25-26. Over 60,000 people attend this event, it is the Largest Fit Expo in the Country! At any of our regional events, you must pre-qualify at an Area Qualifier in order to participate. Find a regional >>

Worldwide National Championships

This year we’re excited to announce a nice international list of countries/areas hosting National Championships with dates being added regularly. Here are the countries hosting this year: Philippines, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Canada. Guam. Puerto Rico, ¬†Brazil, Costa Rica, China, Hungary, SE Asia, Russia. Check our schedule for the most up-to-date happenings.

Ninja OCR World Championships

Ninja OCR World Championships have been announced. They will be at Winter Olympic site in Sochi , RUSSIA! Sept 17-20 , 2020. Stay tuned as details emerge.

Learn more about Ninja OCR World Championships in Russia >>

Introducing the UNAA World Series Finals in Las Vegas

Save the date, because on August 6 to 9, 2020 at Orleans Arena and Casino Resort, more than 1000 ninjas from around the world will put their skills to the test against the course and each other in UNAA Season 5 World Series Finals.

Orleans Arena is ideal for families! With 15 restaurants, an 18-screen movie theatre, a 52-lane bowling alley, arcade, kids area, fitness center, pool, casino (for the parents, of course), nightly shows and more, all in one location. August 9 will be the Qualifier for the UNAA Ninja Championships- for TEAM USA to go to Sochi Russia for the Ninja OCR World Championships! More details on ALL of it to come soon.

For those interested, here is the link to the Discount Rates for ORLEANS Casino Hotel. https://www.bconnectedonline.com/resnetf.php?TOAUN0C08

The Grip Ninjas and Ninja Intensity will be host gyms for this event and it’s going to be EPIC.

Visit the World Finals Event page on Facebook >>

So, get ready for an incredible season of ninja. Train, sign up for competitions, and save the dates. We will see you soon!