December 10, 2018 James De Lara

See how you stack up against the Best in the World!!

Looking to challenge your Ninja skills, improve your training and prepare for the Qualifiers? Well here is your chance! There are 5 Challenge workouts, 1 per month for 5 months. The bonus is, if you do Really WELL in your class, you can actually Qualify for Regionals! The Overall Winners gets $200!! There is a KIDs and Adult Challenge workouts.


WE WILL TAKE THE BEST 4 Scores out of 5 Challenges, so sign up now, but this gives a deadline of Jan 1, 2019, to sign up and still be part of it!!! PASS the Word!!
Each month we will post an Enduro Ninja challenge workout. Find a Ninja gym that has the elements required for that challenge. If its a UNAA Ninja Gym, you will be rewarded an extra point and then they will time you and turn in your score for the challenge. You must also videotape the run in case of any discrepancies. If you do not have a UNAA Gym that you can do the challenge at , just find a Ninja Gym and you can film the Challenge workout and turn in the video. Specific instructions on how to do that will be sent when you sign up.
You must be a member of UNAA. You will also need to sign up for the Challenge program- cost is just $10.

You can sign up soon at https://ultimateninja.net/enduro-ninja-challenge-regis…/

There are 14 classes available, which you will find on our website under RULES. KIDS Challenge is for Age 13 and younger and Adult Challenge for Age 14 and Older.

The Challenge will be posted on the 1st of each month starting with December 1. Ending on April 1. You will have 15 DAYS to complete the challenge and turn in your results. You may attempt the challenge as many times as you like to get the best score, but Once you turn in the results, that is final. We will post the Leaderboard each month so you can see where you stand. At the end of the 6 months of challenges, the First place winners from each class will receive a $200 cash award. The Top 5 from each class will qualify to go to UNAA Regionals!

To Turn in video and Results, you MUST join NINJA MASTER APP for $8.95.

www.ninjamasterapp.com (AVAILABLE Dec 5th)