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Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA), is the official Global League of World OCR for Ninja Competitions.
UNAA promotes and organizes an international series at Ninja Obstacle course Gyms and competitions across the world. The UNAA World Series includes Area Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers and the Ultimate Ninja World Championship Finals each year.
The UNAA World Series is composed of judged competitions based on performance and time. The series allows athletes of all abilities to compete, and the top athletes in the sport are provided a chance to make a livelihood doing what they love, on a grand stage.


Bob felt the sport of Ninja lacked a nationwide series that anybody could enter, and that judged competitiors soley on their performance, on the course. They also felt that the top athletes in the sport deserved a chance to make a livelihood doing what they loved, on a grand stage. So, they went about putting together the league they envisioned for the sport. To this day, it is still a work in progress, but they and the ninja community are excited to see it continue to grow!

Bob Clark – CEO

Bob grew up skiing, windsurfing, rock climbing and racing Motocross.   But once he discovered Ninja obstacles,  he was hooked. He and his son would watch Sasuske and then ANW every week and always wanted to try it. So he built his own course in his backyard. He then joined a Ninja gym and talked with the owners about starting a competition series where athletes could compete in qualifiers and then to a big Final and win cash and prizes.

So he started the UNAA.
Bob has been an entrepreneur for most of his career,  owning a trucking company, a stage, sound and light company,  a Uhaul Franchise, Motocross track , a Ninja Fitness Gym and now UNAA.

Bob has a wife and three kids that all grew up playing sports and were always very active in fitness.  He currently works at a TV Station along with managing the UNAA.    He also managed all the building and design of Ninja Fitness Academy and continues to build and maintain obstacles at the gym and is also the home of the UNAA.

Bob has won the Ninja Park Crossfit Team challenge and was the first Over 50 competitor to win the Titan of Texas Challenge in Dallas , TX.

He has a Coaching Level 2 certification from New Mexico State University, with studies in Nutrition, health science, Action Personal Trainer Certification and sports officiating.

​​​​​​​Bob wants to see Ninja obstacle competition become a real certified worldwide sport and pursuing Ninja obstacle competition inclusion in the Olympics and has a desire to use UNAA as a platform to help accomplish that.

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