July 24-28th Anaheim, California

UNAA World Series Finals Season 9

 Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim California – July 24 – 28th


July 24-28, 2024 


Anaheim, California, USA

Host Gyms: 

Ultimate Ninjas- Anaheim- CA

Warrior Tech – NC

Rock Solid-  NC

My Ninja Source- NM

UNAA Gym-  NM. 


July 24-28,  2024 Anaheim Convention Center

(Hotel Accommodations at bottom of page.) 

 Spectator tickets: Available in May


DATES and TIMES : The dates for each age group/class are assigned as noted below. 

PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF YOUR DAY and plan accordingly. 

This year we will have One Central Payment system,  so you can register for All of the Events in one place at one time.   UNAA, WNAG, UOCR, FINA and US Nationals will all be on one registration form for payment on Ninja Master Registration.   But….you will Not choose your time block at that time.   Just Register and pay.   ( in May)

Then on June 17,  we will open up the Time Blocks for the TOP 10 UNAA Leaderboard.   The Open registration for ALL open June 18.

**Course Walkthroughs can be found on our Facebook page- a few days before competition.  

Obstacle Sports Expo Schedule


Sign up Page coming soon

Note: If you would like to volunteer as a judge, please see the button down below to read our Judge protocols* 

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! This huge event cannot happen without the help of our amazing volunteers.

If you sign up to Volunteer, you will still need to purchase a spectator pass.  Reimbursement will be as follows below.

UNAA GYMS, as with last year , each UNAA Gym is required to have at least ONE volunteer from their gym. This ensures we get enough volunteers, since we need over 200 volunteers for this massive event! But really , its not volunteer, because we award you some nice Perks!   See here:

Please write in the Gym you are affiliated with in the comment box when signing up. Our thanks for volunteering, you will receive compensation by refund as listed below:

4 hours- One Free spectator ticket- ( 3 day pass) refunded value $75

8 hours- One athlete Entry (refunded) value $120

12 hours- One Free spectator ticket-(5 day pass) Plus athlete Entry

(refunded) value $215

16 hours- Two Free Spectator ticket ( 5 day pass) plus athlete Entry ( refunded) value $310

The hours volunteered are PER PERSON (must be 14 or older to volunteer). You will check in/out to ensure all hours were completed that were signed up for.  You must appear for your volunteer alotted time or you will no be reimbursed.   Everyone must purchase tickets and will be reimbursed after the event.


  • All Non-Competitors will need to purchase a General Admission spectator ticket.     
  • Athletes – Your spectator ticket will be included with your event registration and will be good for all events on all days of the Expo for any events that you choose to compete in. 


  • We will only have one athlete at a time on each course along with the three judges.  
  • Each athlete is allowed ONE coach to follow along during their run. 
  • Athletes will be called to the Warm-up area when there are 5 athletes ahead of their run. That allows about 20 minutes of warm up. Athletes who need more than that, may warm up outside or elsewhere in the facility prior to being called. 
  • Athletes will be responsible to be at the Warm-up area when called. If an athlete misses their call or their run, they may be disqualified. We will attempt to slot the athlete back in; but we cannot guarantee it. 
  • Videos of each course for each class and rules will be posted as the Walk Through. 
  • We recommend Liquid Chalk and will have it available.  We will not provide dry chalk. 
  • The next five competitors (and their coach) are the only ones allowed in course area per course. There will be a Video stand in front of each course (behind the barriers)  to video the Athlete currently on the course.
  • This is at the Convention center with chairs and bleachers set up around the courses.   Courses will be surrounded by barricades.  There will be plenty of standing room around the courses.  Please do Not stand in front of any seats or bleachers. 
  • Coaches are not required to be UNAA Coach certified, but must have approval of a parent or guardian for anyone 12 and under. 



If you Qualified for UNAA World Finals Season 9, you will be listed here – once ALL REGIONALS are complete: https://ninjamasterapp.com/app/leagues/UNAA/seasons/9/qualified_athletes/199 


For INTERNATIONAL athletes, Once all events are complete your qualified list is 

Here: https://ninjamasterapp.com/app/league_standings/111  


If your name is not on the lists and you qualified please contact us after June 16.


Those that qualify for Finals in Season 9 and are TOP 10 on Leaderboard, and those who placed Top 10 at UNAA World Series Finals Season 8 , will get to Register first. Registration will open the following day for the rest of Season 9 qualified athletes. Athletes may choose any time block for the day they are running. Once a time block is full, athletes must choose another time block. 

CASH & PRIZES for UNAA World Series Finals 

Over $27,000 CASH in Total! (Kids payout as Reimbursement to parents) 

PRO CLASS ( each male and female) 

1st – $3,000 

2nd – $1200 

3rd – $ 750 

4th – $ 350 

5th – $ 200 

ALL OTHER CLASSES ( each male and female) 

1st – $ 550 

2nd – $ 250 

3rd – $ 175 

4th – $ 125 

5th – $ 100 


Please report no less than 1/2 hour before your time block for check in. Concessions will be available at convention center.   

Times and specific Details will be available on each Competitions website. 

-FINA –  Federation of Ninja Athletics –   www.fina.ninja   

-Ninja World Cup USA  –   World Obstacle  –



  • Prelims will be run on a point system. 
  • There will be a maximum of 3 fails per course. After 3 fails, the athletes run is over. They many finish the course but will not receive a score for the remaining obstacles. 
  • An athlete’s time will end with last obstacle completed. 
  • Each obstacle will be worth 1 point for full completion. 
  • For more difficult obstacles, each obstacle can be worth 2 points and have a halfway point, which must be clearly marked with a tape mark or other. 
  • Completion of halfway is worth 1 point but is not a fail.
  • We expect Judges to make the best calls possible, but they do make mistakes. If an athlete chooses to appeal a call, there will be forms to do so at the sign up desk. Athletes appealing a call must complete the form along with a $50 fee at which point the head judge will conduct a video review at the production table. If the appeal is successful, the athlete will be refunded the $50.
  • Top 15 or 20% (not rounded up) in each class move on to MAIN EVENT FINALS.  


All main event finals will be run with maximum of 3 fails per course. After 3 fails, the athletes run is over and the athlete must depart the course. The 1- and 2-point system will apply. 


UNAA = $120 includes spectator ticket for athlete

WNAG= $60 includes spectator ticket for athlete

OCR=   $75  includes spectator ticket for athlete

FINA=  $110 includes spectator ticket for athlete

USNC =  TBD- includes spectator ticket for athlete


ALL UNAA events = $199 includes spectator ticket for athlete


Any combination of events gets a 10% discount.


Spectator ticket = $95 for all 5 days

                                 $75 for 3 days

                                 $35  for 1 day

                                 $225  for Family 4 pak

Children 2 and under are FREE.

Prices subject to change before registration opens.


FINA –  Federation of Ninja Athletics –   www.fina.ninja   

USANA –   US Nationals-  https://usaninjas.org/ 

UNAA-   www.ultimateninja.net 




We have partnered with 6 Hotels connecting or nearby the Anaheim Convention Center. 

Please click on the link for discount pricing for each hotel. 

MARRIOTT ANAHEIMhttps://book.passkey.com/go/UltimateNinjaWSF2024











CLARION HOTELhttps://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/ST95W3 





Park pass discounts for Knotts Berry Farms and others…

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