Ninja Coach Certification

Let the UNAA guide you as a certified ninja coach for ninja competitions.

Our certification program – now with two levels! –  is comprehensive in content, but easy to master, and looks great on your resume.

Your UNAA Ninja Coach Certification also includes access to Protect Youth Sports sexual prevention video instruction at no additional charge!

By completing the UNAA Certification program you will be given the knowledge and information to properly officiate a UNAA competition and train athletes for Ninja Obstacle course competition.



Level 1 Certification is geared toward Officiating of UNAA competitions, rules, obstacle course design and competition training.

Course includes:

  • 8 text-based lessons
  • Youth Safety
  • Final Exam

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Level 2 Certification offers more detailed, video-based lessons with additional content around age-based training, and structuring classes.

Course Includes:

  • 11 video-based lessons
  • Youth Safety
  • Multiple choice final exam

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