Season 9 UNAA Schedule

Competitions Updated Weekly

Area Qualifiers

The Grip UT September 15-16th
Airbenders Gym OK September 16th
Ninja Fortress WA September 16th
Geelong Ninjas Victoria Australia September 17th
SA Basecamp SA Australia September 23rd-24th
Mr. Ninja HQ Queensland Australia September 23rd-25th
Obstacle Course Racing School NSW Australia September 23rd-29th
Ninjobstacles OH Sep 30-Oct 1st
The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking MN October 7th
Paragon Performance Sports KS October 7th
Ultimate Ninjas- Elmhurst IL October 8th
Sumner Ninja WA October 14th
Tri County Ninja MI October 15th
Hit Squad Ninjas AZ October 14-15th
USA Ninja Challenge- North Andover MA October 14-15th
Next Level Gym OK October 21st
Xtreme Ninja Challenge FL October 21st
Ultimate Backyard Warrior NC October 21st
ORTHDX Fitness WI Oct 21st:Youth 22nd: 15U-Adult
Nova Ninja Sterling VA October 28th
Republic Warrior MO October 28th
Ultimate Ninja Gym NM October 28th
Nebraska Ninja NE October 28-29th
Motion Park Montreal Canada. November 3rd
Authentik Movement Training OH November 4th
Iron Sports TX November 4th
Altius Gym WI November 4th
USA Ninja Challenge- Sunbury PA November 4th- 17 and Under
Shinobi Fitness IL November 4th
Camp Ninja Warrior OK November 4th
Ninja Playground UT November 10-11th
Rugged Obstacle Courses VA November 11th
Synergy Climbing and Ninja TN November 11th
Mismo Gym MT November 12th
Beast Ninja SC November 18th
ALGC Ninja MN November 18th
RAPT Ninja Academy MA November 18-19th
Ultimate Ninjas Anaheim CA December 2nd
Fortified Fitness TN December 2nd
Obstacle Athletics NY December 2nd
Move Sport Ninja Academy TX December 2nd
Gauntlet Fitness TX December 9th
Ninja Hub OH December 9th
Ninja Kour GA December 9th
Go Ninja Gym CA December 9th
USA Ninja Challenge-Marlborough MA Dec. 9-10 17 and Under
Four Star Ninja Academy ND December 9-10th
Free Spirit OR December 11th 13 and Under
Rock Solid Warrior NC December 16th
Traverse Fitness CA December 16th
Ninjas United MN December 16-17th
Athletes in Motion LA December 16th
Vertex Lab Academy VA December 16th
Hit Squad Ninjas AZ December 16-17th
Midwest Warrior NE December 17th
World Class Dragons IL December 31st
Ninja Intensity CO January 6-7th
Wolf's Den CA January 6th Kids- 7th Amateur/Pro
LE CRUX Canada January 12-14th
Conquer Ninja- Fargo ND January 13-14th
Camp Rhino NV January 13-14th
Kid Wonder CA January 13-14th
Ninja Obstacle Academy AL January 13th
305 Ninja Academy FL January 13th
NOVA Ninja Sterling VA January 14th
Midwest Warrior NE January 13 - 14th
Momentum Movement Academy British Columbia Canada January 14th
Ultimate Backyard Warrior NC January 20th
The Fit Expo CA January 20th
Rise up Ninja @ The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking MN January 20th
USA Ninja Challenge- Manchester-17 and Under NH January 20-21st
USA Ninja Challenge- Katy TX January 20th
Impact Ninja Gym UT January 26-27th
Altius Ninja WI January 27th
Conquer Ninja- Burnsville MN January 27-28th
Ninja Warrior Arena MS January 27th
Ninjobstacles OH January 27-28th
Next Level Gym OK January 27th
Ninja U Gym IA January 27-28th
Authentik Movement Training OH February 3rd
Paragon Performance Sports KS February 3rd
605 Ninja SD February 3-4th
Surge Ninja MA February 3rd
Iron Sports TX February 3-4th
Warrior Challenge Arena CO February 10th
Move Sport Ninja Academy TX February 10th
Ninja Lair NV February 10th-11th
Warrior Tech NC February 16-17th
Get Over It Fitness TN February 17th
Ultimate Ninjas Elmhurst IL February 18th
Airbenders Gym OK February 24th
Athletes in Motion LA February 24th
The Jungle Movement Academy TX February 24th
USA Ninja Challenge- Sunbury PA February 24th- 17 and Under
Ninja Hub OH February 24th
Conquer Ninja- Gilbert AZ February 24-25th
The Grip UT March 1-2nd
Vertex Lab Academy VA March 2nd
USA Ninja Challenge-Sterling MA March 2-3rd 17 and Under
Hybrid Fitness NY March 2nd-3rd
Camp Ninja Warrior OK March 9th
Conquer Ninja- Fargo ND March 9th
Bodies In Motion ID March 9th
Ninja Kour GA March 9th
Ultimate Ninjas Anaheim CA March 9-10th
USA Ninja Challenge- Hudson NH March 16-17th
Rock Solid Warrior-Apex NC March 23rd
Super Ninja Zone OH March 23rd
Ninja Fortress WA March 23rd
Maestrem Ninja Gym Quebec Canada March 29-31st
Permian Basin Ninja Academy TX March 30th
Flow Vault CO March 30-31st
Lost Island CO April 6th
Ninja Force NM April 6-7th
ORTHDX Fitness WI April 13th
Rugged Obstacle Courses VA April 20th
Big Time Ninja IL April 20th
Sumner Ninja WA April 20th
Warrior Zone Ninja Obstacle NC April 20-21st
Magic City Gymnastics MT May 10-11th (LCQ)
Fortified Fitness TN June 7th (LCQ)
Free Spirit OR June 15th Area LCQ
Paramount Sports Complex PA TBD

International Qualifiers

O-Zone Malaysia September 17th
Boggy Ninja Academy NSW, Australia November 18 - 19th
PR Ninja Warrior Puerto Rico December 3rd
City Fit Shop Edmonton, Canada December 10th
Osairi Rasht City, Iran December 12 - 16th
Sindalu Siha Guam December 16th
Australia Ninja Games Perth, Australia January19 - 20th
Total Fit Ninja Fort McMurray, Canada January 27 - 28th
The Warrior Factory - Hamilton Ontario, Canada February 24 - 25th
The Warrior Factory - Hamilton Ontario, Canada March 16-17th
Voltizone Montreal, Canada April 19 - 21st
Fitset Calgary Calgary, Canada April 20 - 21st
Maestrem Ninja Gym Montreal, Canada May 10 - 12th
Flash Flash Israel TBD
POSF Phillipines TBD


Hit Squad Ninjas AZ March 22 - 23rd
Shinobi Fitness IL March 23 - 24th
605 Ninja SD March 23 - 24th
Kid Wonder CA April 6th
Conquer Ninja- Blaine MN April 6 - 7th
Surge Ninja MA April 6 - 7th
Obstacle Athletics NY April 6-7th
Ninja Kour GA April 13th
The Grip UT April 12 - 13th
Move Sport Ninja Academy TX April 13th
Tri County Ninja MI April 13- 14th
Authentik Movement Training OH April 20th
Four Star Ninja Academy ND April 20 - 21st
Next Level Gym OK April 27th
Wolf's Den CA April 27th Kids - 28th Amateur/Pro/Masters
Ninja U Gym IA April 27-28th
Ninja Playground UT May 3rd - 4th
Permian Basin Ninja Academy TX May 4th
Altius Gym WI May 4 - 5th
Midwest Warrior NE May 11 - 12th
Republic Warrior MO May 18th
Ninja Intensity CO May 18th
USA Ninja Challenge- Sunbury PA May 18th- 17y/o and Under
Ninja Obstacle Academy AL May 25th
Lost Island CO May 25th
Iron Sports TX May 25 - 26th
Camp Rhino NV May 25 & 26th
Gauntlet Fitness TX May 31st - June 1st
305 Ninja Academy FL June 1st
Sumner Ninja WA June 1st
Airbenders Gym OK June 1st
Rugged Obstacle Courses VA June 1st
Ultimate Ninjas Anaheim CA June 1st - 2nd
Warrior Tech NC June 1-2nd
Ultimate Ninjas Elmhurst IL June 2nd
Fortified Fitness TN June 8th
USA Ninja Challenge-Marlborough MA June 8 - 9th 17 and Under
Ninja Force NM June 8 - 9th
Athletes in Motion LA June 15th
Ninjobstacles OH June 15th
Free Spirit OR June 16th

World Ninja Athlete Games- March 9-17th

Rock Solid Warrior-Apex NC March 9th
Ninja Kour GA March 9th - 17th
ORTHDX Fitness WI March 9th - Youth/10th-15U &Adult
Athletes in Motion LA March 9th
Fortified Fitness TN March 9th
Republic Warrior MO March 9th
Lost Island CO March 9th (Kids) - 10th (Adults)
Fera Tenaci Italy March 9th Youth-10th Adult
Ultimate Ninjas Anaheim CA March 9th - 10th
Nova Ninja Sterling VA March 9th - 17th
Hit Squad Ninjas AZ March 10th
School Of Heroes Russia March 10th
Conquer Ninja- Fargo ND March 10th
Warrior Playground CO March 13th - 17th
Ninja Playground UT March 13th - 16th
POSF Phillipines March 15th - 17th
Next Level Gym OK March 16th
USA Ninja Challenge- Sunbury PA March16th - 17y/o and Under
O-Zone Malaysia March 16th - 17th
MST Fitness Montreal Canada March 16th - 17th
Ninja Fight Batumi, Georgia (Country) March 9th - 17th
Ninja Lair NV March 9th -17th
Ultimate Ninja Gym NM March 9th-17th
Iron Sports TX March 9th-17th
Kid Wonder CA March 9th-17th
Fitset Edmonton Edmonton Canada March 9th-17th
Fitset Calgary Calgary Canada March 9th - 17th
Osport Egypt March 9th - 17th
Osport Saudi Arabia March 9th - 17th
Rugged Obstacle Courses VA March 9th - 17th
Ninjobstacles OH March 9th - 17th
Move Sport Ninja Academy TX March 9th - 17th
305 Ninja Academy FL March 9th - 17th
Leap Ninja WY March 9th - 17th
Fighting Lyons Victoria Australia March 9th - 17th
The Compound Victoria Australia March 9th - 17th
Ninja Academy Perth Australia March 10th
Obstacle Course Racing School NSW Australia March 9th - 17th
SA Basecamp South Australia March 9th - 17th
Ninja Hub Queensland Australia March 9th - 17th
Mr. Ninja HQ Queensland Australia March 9th - 17th