Season 7  UNAA Schedule

Competitions Updated Daily

Area Qualifiers

Conquer Ninja AZ September 4-5th
The Ninja Playground UT September 10-11th
Nex Level Ninja NJ September 11-12
Ninja Fortress WA September 18th
The Studio CA September 18th
Airbenders Ninja OK September 18th
NOVA Ninja VA September 18-19th
Warrior Tech NC September 18-19th
Adrenaline Monkey OH September 19th
The Grip UT September 24-25th
Urban Playground PA September 25th
USA Ninja Challenge- Katy TX September 25th
Flip for Me Gym NV September 25-26th Kids-13U
Windy City Ninjas IL September 26th Kids comp
Next Level Gym OK October 9th
SCK Zone SC October 16th
Hit Squad Ninjas AZ October 23- 24th
ORTHDX Fitness WI October 23 Kids, 24th- Adults
Republic Warrior MO October 30th
Ultimate Ninja Gym NM October 30th
NOVA Ninja VA November 6-7th
Sumner Ninja WA November 6th
Rock Solid Warrior NC November 6-7th
Legendary Fitness WI November 6-7th
Adrenaline Monkey OH November 7th
Camp Rhino NV November 12-13th
Motion Park Quebec CAN. November 12-14th
Ninja Intensity CO November 13-14th
Fortified Fitness TN November 13th
Austin Ninjas TX November 13th
USA Ninja Challenge- Hudson NH November 13-14th
305 Ninja Academy FL November 20th
605 Ninja Academy SD November 26-27th
Northwest Ninja Park OR December 4th
Flipside Academy of Movement IL December 5th
ROC VA December 4th
Conquer Ninja MN December 4-5th
COEUR Ninja ID December 4th
ROC VA December 4th
USA Ninja Challenge- Manchester NH December 5th Youth Only
Warrior Zone NC December 11
Kid Wonder CA December 11th
Flow Vault CO Dec. 11 kids, Dec. 12 Adults
Conquer Ninja ND December 11-12th
Train Yard 317 IN December 12th
Hit Squad Ninjas AZ January 8th
USA Ninja Challenge- Southington- Youth Only CT January 9th
Fly Kids Ninja OH January 8-9th
Midwest Twisters WI January 15th
Ninja Warrior Arena MS January 15-16th
Nex Level Ninja NJ January 15-16th
The Studio CA January 22nd
305 Ninja Academy FL January 22nd
Next Level Gym OK January 22nd
NOVA Ninja VA January 22-23rd
The Jungle Movement Academy TX January 29th
LEAP Ninja WY January 29
Ninja U Gym IA January 30th
Total Fit Ninja Canada January 28-30th
Four Star Ninja Academy ND January 29th
The Grip UT February 4-5th
Warrior Zone NC February 5th
Cutting Edge Athletics MI February 5th
USA Ninja Challenge- Marlborough MA February 6th Youth Only
Midwest Twisters Hartland WI February 13th
Camp Rhino NV February 18-19th
Apex Warrior Sudbury CAN. February 19th
ROC VA February 19th
Iron Sports TX. February 19th
Altius Gym WI February 20th
Sumter Ninja SC February 26th
Flip 4 Me Gym NV February 26th
Airbenders Gym OK February 26th
Four Star Ninja Academy ND February 26th
Kid Wonder CA February 26th
Obstacle Athletics NY February 27th
Voltizone CAN. February
SCK Zone SC March
Republic Warrior MO March 5th WNC
Sumner Ninja WA March 5th
Ninja Kour GA March 4th-6th
Ultimate Ninja Gym NM March 5th WNC
Gauntlet Fitness TX. March 12th
Ninja Obstacle Academy AL March 12th
Conquer Ninja AZ March 12-13
605 Ninja Academy SD March 12-13th
Beast Ninja SC March 19th
Sterling Ninja MA March 19-20th
LEAP Ninja WY March 25th-26th
Skyhook Ninja Fitness OR March 19th
Conquer Ninja ND March 25-26th
Austin Ninjas TX March 26-27th
COEUR Ninja ID April 2nd
Conquer Ninja MN April 2nd-3rd
Urban Playground PA April 9th LCQ Area/Regional
Ninja Fortress WA April 23rd
Ninjobstacles OH April 30th
The Jungle Movement Academy TX May 14th LCQ Area
Adrenaline Monkey OH May 14th LCQ Area
Rock Solid Warrior NC May 14th
HC Fit Ninja Training Liverpool, UK May 15 Area/Regional
UBW NC May 27th

Regional Qualifiers

Hit Squad Ninjas AZ March 26th-27th
Ninja Warrior Arena MS March 26th
Ninja Obstacle Academy AL April 9th
Urban Playground PA April 9th Regional/LCQ Area
USA Ninja Challenge- Southington CT April 10th Youth Only
Fitset Ninja Canada April 15-17th
The Studio CA April 23rd
Motion Park Quebec CAN. April 22-23rd
Windy City Ninjas IL April 24th
The Grip UT April 29th-30th
Conquer Ninja MN April 30-May 1st
Ninja Playground UT May 7th
Ninja Kour GA May 13-14th
Republic Warrior MO May 14th
NOVA Ninja VA May 14th
Skyhook Ninja Fitness OR May 14th
Obstacle Athletics NY May 14th-15th
USA Ninja Challenge- Manchester NH May 15th Youth Only
Adrenaline Monkey OH May 15th
HC Fit Ninja Training Liverpool, UK May 15 Area/Regional
ORTHDX Fitness WI May 21st
Momentum Ninja Canada May 21st-22nd Area/Regional
Ninja Fortress WA May 21st
Next Level Gym OK May 21st
Ninja Intensity CO May 21-22nd
Rhino Ninja Gym NV May 27-28th
Iron Sports TX. May 28-29th
Ultimate Ninja Gym NM June 4th
Fortified Fitness TN June 4th
305 Ninja Academy FL June 4th
Ninja U Gym IA June 5th
Nex Level Ninja NJ June 12th
Austin Ninjas TX June 11th-12th
605 Ninja SD June 11-12th
Conquer Ninja ND June 17-18th
Flow Vault CO June 18 kids, June 19 Adults
Warrior Tech NC June 18-19th
Kid Wonder CA June 25th
Gauntlet Fitness TX. June 25th
Warrior Playground CO June 25th-26th LCQ Regional

World Ninja Athlete Games- March 1-6th

Centenary Playground Australia
Urban Extreme Australia
Hit Squad Ninjas AZ
Rebel Ninja Canada
Total Fit Ninja Canada
Apex Warrior Canada
Voltizone Canada
MST Fitness Canada
CAPS Czech Republic
Taipei Gym China
China OCR China
Master Wu Ninja Warrior China
Lost Island Warrior CO
Warrior Playground CO
OCR Factory Finland
305 Ninja Academy FL
Ninja Kour GA
O-Sport Association Iran
Coeur Ninja Gym ID
Twelve Gym KY
Sterling Gym MA
Dominique Dawes Gym MD
Cutting Edge Athletics MI
Conquer Ninja Gym MN
Republic Warrior MO
Ninja Warrior Arena MS
Rock Solid Warrior NC
Four Star Ninja ND
Nex Level Gym NJ
Midwest Warrior Academy NE
Ultimate Ninja Gym NM
NORCA Norway
Camp Rhino NV
Adrenaline Monkey OH
Next Level Gym OK
NW Ninja Park OR
Urban Playground PA
POSF Phillipines
Strong Grip Puerto Rico
OCR Romania Romania
Ninja Fit Russia
Sumter Ninja SC
OCR Switzerland Switzerland
Fortified Fitness TN
Iron Sports TX
Strong Ninja TX
Gauntlet Fitness TX
OCR Vinnytsia Ukraine
The Ninja Playground UT
Nova Ninja VA
OCR Venezuela Venezuela
Sumner Ninja WA
Leap Ninja WY

UNAA World Series Championship Finals: July 21st-23rd, The Orleans Arena Las Vegas NV