The UNAA Now Offers Ninja Coach Certification

The UNAA Now Offers Ninja Coach Certification
July 15, 2019 Susan Tucker

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) is excited to announce the launch of a new ninja coach certification program designed to help coaches and athletes hoping to become coaches, to the next level.

Let the UNAA guide you as a certified ninja coach for ninja competitions. Our new certification program is comprehensive in content, but easy to master and looks great on your resume.

Get Certified as a Ninja Coach

UNAA’s Certification is geared toward Officiating of UNAA competitions and Ninja Obstacle Course competition training.

By completing the UNAA Certification program you will be given the knowledge and information to properly officiate a UNAA competition and train athletes for Ninja Obstacle course competition.

“We have collaborated with some of the best in the business to bring a high-quality ninja coach certification to help strengthen our ninja community through education and consistency.”  ~Bob Clark, UNAA CEO
The Ninja Coach Certification Program offers 8 lessons and one 51-question final exam (that you can re-take as many times as you need to pass). Your investment is a 1-time fee of $79. Here is an overview of the lessons.

Ninja Coach Certification Lessons

Lesson 1: Welcome + History of UNAA
In this lesson, we will go over the program, share the history of the UNAA and introduce you to the team and all the contributors to this awesome program. Yes, you’ll be tested on that, so pay attention 😉

Lesson 2: Rules & Regulations of Events
Lesson two may sound boring but it’s probably THE most important lesson of all. Here we’ll guide you through the rules and regulations of the UNAA so you can confidently coach an event.

Lesson 3: Safety
Not the safety dance – though that’s cool too. Here’s where you’ll learn how to prepare your body for safe use of ninja obstacles. Safety is key!

Lesson 4:  ​​​​​​​Warming Up Ninjas
There’s a secret sauce to getting ninjas prepared for competition (and for you, too) and we’re going to share them all.​​​​​​​

Lesson 5:  Training KIDS for a Ninja Comp
Getting athletes ready for a competition brings its own set of challenges. This lesson brings you a few tricks, tips and secrets for the ultimate success of your younger athletes.

Lesson 6: Training ADULTS for a Ninja Comp
In this lesson, you’ll learn the basic principles of exercise, learn some great vocab and overall “up” your coaching skills to help adults make it all the way to the final buzzer. ​​​​​​​

Lesson 7: Obstacle Course Design
Proper obstacle course design engages and encourages athletes of all ages and abilities. We’ll show you how to set up a course to help challenge both mentally and physically.

Lesson 8: Ninja Nutrition
Want to win like the big dogs, or at least like Isaac Caldiero? Fueling for success is another one of the secret sauces for bringing home the win. Here we’ll share what the RIGHT kind of fuel is and WHEN to consume it when competing at a high level.

Meet Our Contributors
It takes a lot of knowledge and talent to provide a quality program! Meet some of the contributors to The Ninja Certification Program (and if you see them, be sure to give them a pat on the back!)

Take the Exam
Now you’re ready for the final exam! BOOM!


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