Ultimate OCR 3k

Ultimate OCR 3K Championships

A unique twist to OCR.   More obstacles,  less running, no mud!

Challenge yourself!  Challenge your friends and Family!

$2,000 Payout for each Elite Male and Elite Female,  1st place winners!

July 30, 2023- Orange County Convention Center,  Orlando , FL.

Register Here:  Coming Soon!

Big News!!!   SPARTAN has partnered with us on this event!   They will have chip timing system,  head bands,  officials and Some Spartan obstacles added to this event!


7 Classes to choose from:


Age 11U

Age 12-15

Age 16-29

Age  30-49

Age 50+


All in both Male and Female.

The Elite and Age Groups are timed,  the Open class is just for fun.

Choose age group based on Age as of January 1, 2024.

Open Class is for Any age.  (obstacles are made for Adults,  so keep that in mind for younger athletes)



Elite Class starts first Wave,  then 12-15 age group,  then 16-29 age group…etc.    Last class to run is 11U and then Open Class.


Elite Class starts at 9am.   Every minute two runners start.    8am,  8:01,  8:02 etc…   This way there is less congestion at obstacles by being spread out.

Elite and Age Groups are given Three Wrist Bands.

Three attempts max per obstacle.  If obstacle is failed,  after 3 attempts, one wrist band is cut.

Athlete MUST finish with at least one arm band to be scored.


There is one official at each obstacle station to observe and cut arm bands. After athlete attempts obstacle 3 times and fails,  one arm band must me cut off.

Chip timing system will be used for this event,  provided by Spartan!

$2,000 Payout for each Elite Male and Elite Female,  1st place winners!

TOP 3 in each Age category and Elite win a Large 5″ Medal.

All participants receive a Spartan Headband and Medal for finishing!


We have athletes coming from all over the World to participate in this event!

This course runs a full 3k in 300M increments,  with over 25 obstacles in between!